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Souly Health 

At Souly Inspired I feel health isn't about one thing. It encompasses the Mind, the Body and the Soul.

That is why I am offering a new service

Health Coaching.

My Health Coaching begins with a simple telephone health assessment and is complimentary. No Cost to you!

This is me on my journey to my Optimal Health.   

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For most of my life I have been over weight. A fact, something I have dealt with since childhood.  When I ate the things everyone else ate I just put on more weight. When I went without,  basically starving myself, yes I gained weight. I came to understand that my challenges are different.

The last few years I have worked at losing weight. I have tried exercise programs, diets, eliminating foods, and making healthy choices. I had some success but it didn’t last. I just couldn’t keep it off. Two years ago I made some personal changes which brought a great deal of stress and along with that came the weight gain once again.


In July 2018, I was at my wits end as overnight I put on 6 pounds! So I said to myself that’s it, I’m done! I called a health coach. I just knew that what I needed was someone who cared enough to help me. Someone who would assist me with finding a path that would work for me and someone who could help me with a program that was sustainable. 


My coach began with a free health assessment. Giving her the honest details was hard. No one wants to say the words out loud, but she listened without criticizing and helped me to understand my metabolism was completely working against me. She helped me to get started and I could hardly wait.


I am happy to say that I have evacuated over 40 pounds from my body and I am feeling so much better. It is amazing how much easier it is to do all of the things you need to do and not become exhausted afterwards. I am not where I want or more importantly need to be but I have total faith it is going to happen because there is a real plan in place. A plan that guides me, a forever plan.


Now with my new education I have decided it is something I truly want to share. I want to share it with you and anyone you know that needs a healthy relationship with their body. Sometimes it just takes a few changes and a new outlook, sometimes it takes a completely new way of life. No pills, no shots, no exhausting work outs, just real wholesome fuel for your body.  


 Are you or anyone you know ready for a Free Health Assessment? I am happy to share this program with you! You are so very worth being the best you!

Text or call me to schedule your Complimentary Assessment today! 480-695-3558

I am here to coach you on your journey to optimal health!

Update 5/30/19  I have succeeded in evacuating 65 pounds from my 4'11" frame and feel amazing with all of the energy and peace of mind I have gained. Please reach out to me and I will guide you on your own personal journey to great health!



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