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What  Clients Have  to Say...

"Chronic work stress and years of anxiety caused my body to be in pain more often than not.  I was nervous to go in for my first visit .  I had never had a Gua Sha Massage and it's hard for me to relax even on a good day. Not the case at Souly Inspired!  After my first visit with Denise I became a firm believer in the power of touch to heal; especially when you find the right person. She is so genuine and kind.

Quiet the mind, massage the body, and get back to who you truly are with her help.  Denise is simply heaven sent."

Amy C

"Denise was so friendly, easy to talk to and very relaxing. I had a wonderful massage and felt incredible after. Will be back for another."

Nicole S

"It was an amazing massage. So relaxing and healing. Wonderful professionalism and technique. I already booked my next appointment!"

Jill E

"All I can say is Denise is amazing! it was one of the most relaxing massages I had ever had and the aromatherapy has so many health benefits to it, you will not regret it if you go see Denise."

Ivan M

"Denise has magic fingers. You will love every single minute that she works on you. I always feel so good after a session. Make it a point to go see her, you won't be disappointed."

Mick S

"I feel every time I come in for the Facial Kansa and Tuning Fork treatment I get a refreshing Face Lift!  It has helped me through all of my extensive dental work."

Susan M

“Denise has an amazing technique that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Having gotten many other massages before, what I find most impressive and unique about Denise’s style is that she is able to offer a relaxing thorough massage without needing to apply the deep, harsh pressure to release tension. I highly recommend Denise to anyone looking for a practitioner that is intentional, gentle, and thorough.”    Dawn B

"Personalized to my needs (stress points, knots, and aches). Lovely experience."

Kim C

"Denise's 90 minute aromatherapy massage was the most unique I've had. She applied various essential oils to my spine, creating a fragrant and healing environment, to enhance the massage experience."

Joyce A

What a great way to start off a new month! I had such an amazing experience with Denise today at @soulyinspired 💕 Such a breath of fresh air, she made me feel like I’m on cloud 9! Thank you dear for giving me the massage my body desperately needed.

Kandice Q

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